So what is microblading eyebrows?

You’ve probably seen it mentioned in various online articles and high-flying publications, but exactly are microblading eyebrows? Simply put it is the latest innovation hitting beauty salons across the globe. It’s performed using special hand tools referred to as hand gliders. The process involves specialist techniques to create a realistic hair stroke that give a highly defined and perfectly shaped brows.

Over the last couple of year’s the interest in microblading treatments has exploded, with over 70% of permanent cosmetic procedures in the UK now attributed to brow treatment it is safe to say that microblading is here to stay.

More and more men and women are craving the most natural looking permanent brows that only the art of microblading can provide. But what is Microblading and how is it at the top of the eyebrow game?

Microblading is a method adopted to produce the most ultra-realistic looking eyebrows using elegant ‘hair strokes’ to simulate the appearance of real eyebrows. Rather than the use of traditional cosmetic tattoo treatments which use a mechanical tool, microblading uses a manual handheld tool to create fine hair strokes one by one meticulously. Pigment is then implanted into the channels formed by the instrument, and the result is a ultra-realistic, highly defined, permanent set of eyebrows.

The treatment will usually cause very minimal discomfort with many customers saying it just feels like small surface scratches on the skin. This isn’t exactly the same feeling you make feel when getting a tattoo, it’s a much lighter feel. A pigment is then matched to best suit and compliment the person’s skin tone and eyebrow colour. These artists are highly trained experts in colour selection, which is fundamental to ensuring that the natural skin undertones are taken into consideration to deliver a natural definitive and healed result. A glider is then used to produce exquisite hair strokes of different lengths and directions. Applying a precise measure of pressure for each of the hair stroke is vital, too light and the pigment will fade too quickly, but also too deep, and the hair stroke may not be sharp enough to notice.